Standby rescue, advanced rigging/access solutions, risk management, confined space. Prior to each project, Protec prepare Methodology Statement, Job Hazard Analysis and a Rescue Plan.

Protec Vertical Solutions provide qualified trade technicians in the fields of emergency management, carpentry, electrical, installation, coating to facilitate all requested projects to all types of buildings/structures.

Originally a rope access (industrial abseiling) company, our capabilities have now extended to include inspection, mechanical works and standby rescue as well as confined space rescue. All of our services are available with or without the use of rope access.

With our head office in Squamish, BC, Protec Vertical Solutions prides itself on providing cost effective services that minimize disruption to client’s operations.

Unlike many companies that offer rope access capabilities, we only hire IRATA/SPRAT certified personnel and our working procedures, quality management and safety systems meet the exceptionally high standards governed by IRATA, SPRAT compliance reporting including WorkSafe BC requirements.

Our rope access services offer an easy solution with a small eco footprint. The minimal equipment required means exclusion zones are setup in the morning and gone by the evening, with no equipment left out overnight. With Protec Vertical Solutions wide range of benefits there is no need to stress about scaffolding sitting around for weeks or months, we free up the space and time to let you focus on your business.

Rope Access Services include:

  • A team of experienced technicians (levels 1-3) who provide a range of maintenance, construction and repair services.
  • Rope Access support for inspection services.
  • Equipment that conforms to the highest possible global standards. All equipment is regularly inspected and maintained.
  • Operational and Training work that is conducted in-line with the Association Code of Practice in the particular location.

Rope Access is the safest and most efficient method to reach inaccessible locations and is up to 50-80% less expensive than scaffolding, cranes and other forms of at-height access.



Fewer people are required to accomplish the same work, and the project is completed sooner because of the increased mobility and efficiency of rope access work.

These factors work to minimize downtime, which in turn lowers costs.

Protec Vertical Solutions provide:

  • qualified trade technicians in the fields of emergency management
  • carpentry
  • electrical
  • installation
  • coating to facilitate all requested projects to all types of buildings/structures.