LED Architectural Lighting

Protec Rope Access Ltd. can provide efficient and safe architecture LED lights installation.

LED Cold Neon has been use as replacement for neon gas lighting for some time now. The LED cold neon these days is slimmer, brighter, maintenance free and energy efficient! Composed of LED strips encapsulated in an eco friendly UV resistant PVC Flexible Tubing which beautifully diffuses the Cold Neon for seamless illumination. This new generation of LED Cold Neon is rated IP65 for outdoor use. Available in RGB LED colour changing strips to provide artistic and decorative building feature.

Cold Neon is a maintenance free solution with lifespan up to 60 000 hrs!


LED's could save you up to 70% or more in energy costs while traditional glass neon runs hotter and uses more energy. To put it in better perspective, glass neon uses 15,000 volts while LED lights use only 24 volts. LED's are shock proof and have very little heat emitted which makes it absolutely safe to use. Another difference is that neon uses real glass tubing so there is always the potential for breakage. Real glass neon has been the mainstream in outdoor and business lighting and it still exists today more than ever. Even though neon has some potential shock hazards and high maintenance. Average burning time for Led light is 60.000 hours.

We can provide a sample installation of our product at any location on the building. Please contact us with any questions and we will be more than happy to answer all.


Some of our modern, energy efficient options:




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